The SimBee installation plays with the work of performance artist Vanessa Beecroft within the Sims game space and in the real world exhibition space as a projected performance and series of performance stills.

In live performance Beecroft stages events in which similarly clothed (or unclothed) models pose live in a gallery space (see for images). In SimBee, we've crafted Sim replicas of Beecroft's models, and let them loose to 'live' within a gallery space for the duration of an exhibition.

The SimBee installation functions on several levels. It parodies the work of Vanessa Beecroft, and explores artistic practice that utilizes off the shelf game software as its medium. SimBee encourages the viewer to consider how the gaze, the nature of autonomy, and issues of exploitation and voyeurism are shifted when filtered through the lens of simulation. In keeping with our earlier Sims work, we have set the parameters of the SimBee simulation in motion but donot know the outcome prior to its unfolding in time and virtual space.



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